Ashley Marie Photography


I have been wanting to blog for years and I have never know were to start, what platform to try, and what the hell to even talk about.

Well, years laters, I have an account with just about every platform you can imagine and dense knowledge on all of them. I HAVE to blog.

NEED to share my creatively with everybody- my photos, and inspirations, new likes, and challenges. Like a journal but not a journal. Something online, that I don’t have to hide from crazy siblings or parents in my room or down my pants; Maybe just password protected. Seems way easier for me. So done.

Im 22 years old, almost 23. So a lot has already happened in my life that I’m not really sure were to start.

I just got out of a car accident that really could have changed a lot of things for me, even killed me. I feel like somehow I always get lucky. I don’t know how. I don’t pray every day, or go to church, and In someways can be really selfish. Seriously, who knows? But here I am.

My passion is photography. Candids, Love, black and whites, good people, jewelry, intimates, and presents. So basically a wedding, wrapped up and given to me in a box everyday to open and reopen. And take as many pictures as I want, and meet as many happy people in love as I can possibly handle. However it takes a long time for passion to pay my bills, etc. I get it trust me. When I moved to tampa in 2009 to start this passionate journey to go to college and start this beautiful career taking pictures, of who knows what, or who knows anything. Just kinda expecting it to work because i was going to school, right?

Weddings weren’t my initial passion, but I fell in love, and my passion shifted.

Actually I only wanted to take pictures of nature, not even people, but I started to like people so that changed too. haha

When I was in college I was your regular drive thru gal at your local MCD. And I was totally lovin it. I met my current (and only) wonderful husband went all the way into management within months! I was so excited and I was making pretty decent money. And when you make money you get to do things that make you happy- like shop, and travel, and buy cameras, and eat out, and live in cool apartments, and eventually pay for even cooler things, like a wedding and honeymoon, and a house! (that we can customize and build ourselves!)

So like most things, what I ‘loved’ was getting pushed to the side for a job that was paying for all the things I enjoyed. I missed a step.

You should work hard and dedicate yourself to your passions, and your loves, and desires so that you can make a living doing those things. I pushed it to the side- I can photograph on the side, I need to make this money now so I can invest. (which is true, cameras are expensive) But I REALLY put it to the side. When people asked me what I did I told them I was a manager at MCD. whoa whoa WHOA! NOOOOOOO! This is now how i wanted to introduce myself. I am a wedding photographer. I capture love stories. Thats all i want to say. I just want to do what makes me happy, inspire others, be inspired, be in love, laugh,and travel, and take killer pictures. Somehow I got really caught up in Mcdonalds, Ernesto stopped going to school to pursue a further career at MCD, and he is GREAT! He loves the people he works with and can talk to you for hours about business and money, and people strategies! Honestly that for me has changed the more I have become involved with my photography. I owe a lot of my new perceptions to this company, I owe a lot honestly. This ‘accident’ has really changed a lot for me. Im done living for others, and Im ready to live for me! These last few months Ive taken the initiative to meet local vendors, and venues, and Im even planning my first bridal expo ( i have heard some good and also horrendous things!), so we shall see!

Im not crazy and I didn’t just quit my job to pursue ‘ my passions’, while having a mortgage and car payment and well.. responsibilities.
I have a plan. I have given myself obtainable goals, in obtainable time lengths, and eventually this will lead to my ultimate picture of happiness that I have created in my little world that exists in my head :)

So back in real life, last week. I received a call from my boss asking if instead of going to work at 4am- i go in at 2am. Something happened and people were calling out blablabla boring and frustrating restaurant stuff. So not a big deal but i was already working a 12 hour shift instead of 10, so I was going to work from 4am-4pm and then the next day I was going to leave early and have more time to spend with my sister! So to me it was a fair trade! but 2am-4pm, im crazy but OH MY GOD. Its almost midnight, and call me irresponsible but I havent even slept today. haha

Long story- Kinda short. Im nice and I just went in.

I slept 1hr, and 24minutes. (f**k my life)

Somehow, some way, 47 minutes later, I was at work. I was tired, and I definitely dozed off at the wheel multiple times. But I was counting down the minutes until I can go back to bed, and wait for the next day, so i can spend lots of time with my sister, and go to the pool, and get tan, and go on all kinds of adventures. Well, at 12 noon (thats when i normal 10 shift ends) I was eager for somebody to let me go eat, or sit down, or go to the freezer to vent out all the annoying people who made there way to mcd that day. But sadly, no. I didn’t leave till almost 4pm, and the last thing i remember is the ‘night shift’ manager telling me, thanks for staying and to go home. Thinking about this situation on a regular nights sleep, i can think of hundreds of things i would say to such a treacherous person but I just left. And thats the last I remember.

I woke up in the hospital, and my husband and parents, and sister, were all there. I don’t remember all the details now but I apparently turned my regular sized human car, into a miniature clown sized doll car.


I dont know how I managed this, I have lot of unanswered questions, but all i know is that when your life is spared like this, how can you not turn it into something you love!?

I am grateful for a lot of things, and people, and situations, and now this. I am excited to show you all what wonderful things I am going to to do, and the beautiful art I am going to create!


Lots of love, and thanks,

to the insane amount of people reaching out to me on my phone, and the internet!